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the ethos behind still and moving into breath


still publishes storybooks of healing
and anthologies for the spirit

As the Editor and Publisher, I am constantly being reminded by my readers that there is no other publication quite like it.

still journeys into Haiku, Tanka & short verse recording writers' truths. These anthologies include poems that bring all five senses into play. You will also find eroticism, humour, concrete visualisations, the nature observer, the active participant in Life, unrequited love, loss, the reminiscing urban wanderer, everyday miracles and the simple profound truths of men, women and children who write from the heart.

All your hard work, tears, fears and  joy that you put into your poems are valued highly and prized by me.  Budding writers & poets are sensitively nurtured to bring out the best that they can offer, and established writers are given another platform to share their poems with a global readership. I have published poems from priests, prisoners, the terminally ill, hermits, the widowed, septuagenarians, octogenarians, pop stars, royalty, alcoholics, editors and housebound individuals.  the new still anthology excludes no one from print, not even those who use Poetry for their own brand of Politics.

Our anthologies are best read in a quiet room and in a comfortable chair. Their lack of text on the front cover of the journal have been designed to enable a reader to remain centred, to be free from unnecessary distractions. The full colour abstract images are there for you, the reader, to explore the ambiguity and vagaries of space, to be temporarily lost outside of yourself, leaving ego in the maze of abstraction. This prepares and quiets the mind for its embarkation on an inner journey. By the time a reader opens an anthology, and is ready to enjoy the first poem, he or she is probably listening to breath now made slower & quieter. By placing one poem to a page, the editor honours a poet's effort by recognising its worth, and the words are allowed to breathe in abundant white space, giving the reader a chance to fully experience the shared moment without clutter.

Every published poem on its own,  tells its own story in each anthology, but when you read through a second time, the anthology can be read as one long linked poem, creating another story. There is always a beginning and an end, a never ending cycle of being human in an often inhuman world. Each anthology is edited twice. The first editing allows the individual poems to tell the author's stories as they were meant to be read when written. With the second editing, these poems are then woven in with the others in the book to tell a different story, further enhancing them with added dimension, another perspective and probably increased depth.

I believe that when we lose our way in the world, we can find the right path back again in verse, share our existential loneliness because with Poetry we are never alone. We can for a few hours at least, and on subsequent return visits, go home in each anthology, where dogma has no place, and where one is able to immerse oneself in a writer's direct experiences or his and her memories, and be touched by poems that have been written to remind us all that we share the connection of being human.

To remember is to start a journey of healing. We need to heal the injured spirit from all that has gone before and prepare to encounter stories yet to come in our lives. We need to write about these adventures and experiences from the past, present and the future without armour, to be unafraid of our own voices when we tell our stories.

With still and moving into breath, I skywalk in inner space, without fear.

Won't you join me, your fellow traveller?


ai li


moving into breath, storybook of healing

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