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welcome to the first  organic edition of dew-on-line 2002
succumb to a journey of self-exploration & poetic pleasure
87 pages in total with 14 artworks




your words matter
and deserve all the space
i can give them

ai li






original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002 


page one

d  e  w  -  o  n  -  l  i  n  e



page two

created, designed & edited

by  ai  li



page three

dedicated to the readers of still




page four










out of still













page five








puddle         i step         into your sky


ai  li   @   belsize park


page six








                        My thoughts somewhere else
                        in the quiet by the lake...
                        coolness as rain breaks

Rebecca Lilly  @  Port Republic, Virginia


page seven








firefly to star . . . . . . . .  the long long night

Leslie Giddens  @  Hillingdon


page eight








                        what can you
                        teach me about love?
                        one morning, you'll awake
                        & tell me, you need
                        some space


Pamela A. Babusci  @  Rochester, New York


page nine









Sonja Henrici  @  Edinburgh


page ten

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002 


page eleven








                        waiting for mother
                        somewhere else
                        she waits for us


Mark Farid  [9 years old] @  Leicester


page twelve








                        old friend
                        old shed
                        both dressed in green


David Bingham  @  Ironbridge


page thirteen








                        by morning, the old woman is dead

                        last night
                        sipping on cold tea

                        she smiles . . .
                        her wedding dance.


Michael Meyerhofer  @  Iowa City, Iowa
The Cherita was created by ai li on 26 June 1997
For Cherita guidelines, please click here.


page fourteen








    write about the raindrop on a watercolour


ai li  @  belsize park


page fifteen








canoe upturned-
darkening the tee shirt
her nipples

William M. Ramsey  @  Florence, South Carolina


page sixteen

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page seventeen








                        what gives me
                        more ecstasy . . .
                        a calla lilly opening
                        or your fingers
                        exploring me?



Pamela A. Babusci  @  Rochester, New York


page eighteen








                        all afternoon
                        cloud shadows
                        snaking over hills:
                        your face in my heart
                        pursuing someone else


Leslie Giddens  @  Hillingdon


page nineteen








                        winter night--
                        bench vacated by lovers
                        still warm


Phil Howerton  @  Columbia, Missouri


page twenty








                        the man
                        in the underground
                        baring all
                        right hand on
                        a muscle


ai li  @  belsize park


page twenty-one








                        winter rain -
                        shoulder to window
                        and thoughts of her




Jon-Michael Frank  @  Newtown Square, Pennsylvania


page twenty-two

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page twenty-three








                        will work for food
                        his sign


William Simms  @  Gainesville, Florida


page twenty-four










Clive Kilgour  @  Camden


page twenty-five








                        all over
                        the empty courtyard
                        a moon
                        throwing silver


ai li  @  belsize park


page twenty-six








                        Birthday morning -
                        a note from
                        the cleaning lady
                        asking to borrow
                        three thousand dollars.


Alexis K. Rotella  @  Arnold, Maryland


page twenty-seven








the  trinket  shop----that  jingle  jangle  jungle


Albert W. Haley, Jr.  @  Rowley, Massachusetts


page twenty-eight








                        My friend is a monk!
                        He takes us home. What's there?
                        Nothing. Only space.


Priyadarshi Patnaik  @  Kharagpur, India


page twenty-nine

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page thirty









                        all night
                        a rodent chewing away
                        at the house

                                      and God        strict
                                      as a URL


Larry Kimmel  @  Colrain, Masschusetts


page thirty-one








                        grandmother's closet
                        finding gifts
                        never opened-
                        snow slides
                        off the roof


Tim W. Younce  @  Luray, Virginia


page thirty-two








                        writing e-mails
                        in my sleep


Tim Chamberlain  @  Stoke Newington


page thirty-three








                        his winter coat
                        hung on
                        his fishing line


Jon-Michael Frank  @  Newtown Square, Pennsylvania


page thirty-four

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page thirty-five








                        Sunny day
                        snow man


Basem Farid  @  Leicester


page thirty-six








                        Back from separate holidays -
                        suntan under her wedding ring.


John Hawkhead  @  Yeovil


page thirty-seven








                        our eyes
                        climb a mountain
                        from the window seat

Clive Kilgour  @  Camden


page thirty-eight








                        a slow walk
                        over the leaves,
                        under the leaves

Graham High  @  Isleworth


page thirty-nine








                        the farmhouse
                        torn down long ago

Linda Robeck  @  Amesbury, Massachusetts


page forty

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page forty-one








                        the last butterfly
                        tries to match with
                        the last flower.










Franko Busic  @  Ivanic Grad, Croatia


page forty-two








                        after your leaving
                        all I have ever done
                        is pass the time

Bill Brown  @  Birmingham


page forty-three








                        again today

                        I worked
                        on the big poem -

                        there will be

Larry Kimmel  @  Colrain, Massachusetts
The Cherita was created by ai li on 26 June 1997.
For Cherita guidelines, please click here.


page forty-four








the people in the woods without condoms

ai li  @  belsize park


page forty-five








                        beside the clear river
                        December moon
                        butterflies everywhere





for Gavin

J. Marcus Weekley  @  Hattiesburg, Mississippi


page forty-six

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002 


page forty-seven








                        - a poem in
                          my head, but
                          no biro -

Patricia V. Dawson  @  Sydenham


page forty-eight








                        mid-ocean ... swimming
                        in the cruise-liner's pool
                        I hear the call
                        of an inland sea
                        and dive under

Leslie Giddens  @  Hillingdon


page forty-nine








                        full-moon on
                        exquisite breeze
                        blooms jasmine ~

Narayanan Raghunathan  @  Kerala, India


page fifty








                        phone to my ear
                        I let her rant
                        an uncrossed

Larry Kimmel  @  Colrain, Massachusetts


page fifty-one









                        fall rainlike around me

                        i step through them, remember

                        your lips on my cheek





Shannon Williams  @  Myersville, Maryland


page fifty-two

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page fifty-three









Clive Kilgour  @  Camden


page fifty-four








                        since we don't meet any more
                        you might like to know
                        the mighty copper beech
                        has fallen and lies across
                        the path of our old walk


Leslie Giddens  @  Hillingdon


page fifty-five








                        fullmoon night -
                        cycling home,
                        shadows of trees

K. Ramesh  @  Adyar, Chennai, India


page fifty-six








                        a fifty year old
                        unsolved murder
                        her boy all grown up now
                        coming back to haunt
                        orphaned space





for James Ellroy

ai li  @  belsize park


page fifty-seven








                        Valentine's Day -
                         a vial of ebola
                         in the heart-shaped box.






Alexis K. Rotella  @  Arnold, Maryland


page fifty-eight

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page fifty-nine








                        crow shares his joke
                        with the whole block


jim bernath  @  denver


page sixty








                        the sound of the dryer
                        the sound of monk
                        silence in between

jim bernath  @  denver


page sixty-one








                        Evening...  Wine...
                        Troubles are taken away
                        By quiet talk

Arturas Silanskas  @  Vilnius, Lithuania


page sixty-two








                        Door slam stops sentence.
                        Seventeen steps down, each drop--
                        Rain on grey slate.

Will Meister  @  Longwood  Estate


page sixty-three








                        broken termite bridge
                        over blue stream casts shadows
                        on chinese goldfish


jb conway  @  chickasaw, alabama


page sixty-four

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002


page sixty-five









                        I stand at the sink, staring at the garden,
                        hands poised in benediction over the washing up
                        I am thinking about poetry.
                        The kids are screaming around the kitchen table.
                        I am derelict in thought
                        and derelict in need.
                        After several minutes
                        the garden is still the garden
                        and the washing up remains,
                        unblessed, unclean,
                        like me, high and dry.

Simon Lewis  @  Kenton


page sixty-six







                        the long walk
                        my hands
                        in your gloves
                        first evening star

ai li  @  belsize park


page sixty-seven








                        When the banks of a
                        river are flooded and the
                        grass and trees are bent
                        with the onrush of water,
                        then there is falling in love.

James L. Secor  @  Kansas City


page sixty-eight








                        that woodsmoke kiss
                        a corner of the garden
                        without you . . .


ai li  @  belsize park


page sixty-nine








                        autumn leaves
                        the turtle eggs
                        that never hatched

Linda Robeck  @  Amesbury, Massachusetts


page seventy







                        jumping a soft paw
                        - the cricket is gone.








original haiga by Tim Chamberlain  @  Stoke Newington


page seventy-one








                        Late winter sun on
                        my neighbour's drawn face:
                        life lines
                        it's always regret
                        that etches deep . . .

Sheila Windsor  @  Stourport on Severn


page seventy-two









John Bryan  @  Downer, Australia


page seventy-three








                        January dawn.
                        Above bright breakfast clatter
                        The white, remote moon.


Simon Lewis  @  Kenton


page seventy-four








walk along the margin moving gulls

Jo Aris  @  Brighton


page seventy-five








                        clatter of shutters
                        at siesta time

Jo Aris  @  Brighton


page seventy-six

original haiga by Sheila Windsor @ Stourport on Severn


page seventy-seven








                        Once this hummingbird
                        has penetrated to the
                        depths of your garden
                        will you let him escape with
                        his honey or keep him there?



James L. Secor  @  Kansas City


page seventy-eight








                        in a sweet shop
                        a mouth
                        being unfaithful

ai li  @  belsize park


page seventy-nine








                        only you tell me the truth
                        cried the heiress
                        to her mirror

Victor Levine  @  Bath


page eighty








                        I hide
                        behind my hand from her.

Paul Madden  @  Tyne and Wear


page eighty-one








a coffee ring on my copy of tolkien

Larry Kimmel  @  Colrain, Massachusetts


page eighty-two






                        i looked
                        and what i saw
                        gave me delight

                        you looked
                        and what you saw
                        gave you delight

                        still here
                        in what we are
                        what we have been

                        if we
                        could blink away
                        the years






original artwork and poem by Heather Kirk  @  Ventnor, Isle of Wight


page eighty-three








                        I could take back what I said
                        black water

Linda Robeck  @  Amesbury, Massachusetts


page eighty-four








                        an overnight bag
                        as i watch bergman leave
                        in black & white

ai li  @  belsize park


page eighty-five








                        clouds gather
                        on the Perspex
                        of ticket machine

Paul Madden  @  Tyne and Wear


page eighty-six








                        a bicycle
                        rides into the sunset
                        after the equinox
                        the man
                        smiles enigmatically
                        and disappears


Marc Thompson  @  Minneapolis


page eighty-seven









f i n i s



are invited
to submit your
poems and artwork for
future editions of the organic
off-shoot of still







copyright  ai  li  2002     all rights reserved

no poems or artwork can be reproduced without the prior permission
of the editor of dew-on-line and its contributors.

the editor of dew-on-line does not accept any responsibility for copyright infringements, failure to post proper acknowledgments, materials lost in the post, the views of contributors or research errors.

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