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image copyright  Sonja Henrici 2002

page one




I am thrilled to be part of your new e-zine! Best of luck in taking this new direction.

Tim W. Younce

I wish you well with these two new publications. The new 'on-line'
venture sounds exciting.

David Bingham

Best wishes for the new project. I have no doubt they will be a huge success.

Basem Farid

I have total confidence in the new directions you are exploring! It is only through exploration that we discover the best that we can be! . . . I am really looking forward to your new book club and the new on-line version of sure to let
everyone know when the site is up and ready to go!

Linda Robeck

thank you for taking on my poems-it's always a buzz when a 'home' is found for one of my poems-it never stops being a thrill...I'll be watching my computer too for signs of dew - on - line. I await with excitement and anticipation.

John Bryan

I like the new site very much and will follow its growth with interest.

Bill Brown

Dew is excellent.

Larry Kimmel




page two



wow, it looks great. thanks for including one of mine in it.

jb conway

dew-on-line looks good. i'm looking forward to future editions.

karl bakeman

I saw nice things there, will return to it.

JB Mulligan

I really liked a lot of the poetry in edition one, especially the monk works.
Thank you for including me. I enjoyed the way you spaced my poem out
with the dedication.

J. Marcus Weekley

The edition one of dol is delightful. As one has come to expect,
the selection of work is diverse and thought-provoking and delightful. Thank you.

Linda Robeck

wow!     the new era for 'still'!!!
thank you for all your hard work as the still editor for the past 5? years!!!!!!!!!

Fay Aoyagi

The site looks wonderful and easy to navigate through. Congratulations!

Stanford M. Forrester





page three



Well done - it looks great.

Sonja Henrici

thank-you for pointing me towards your new site - it looks fantastic-
and very exciting.

Ben Crystal

I so enjoy this website.

Cynthia Marie

I personally will be sad to see the demise of the 'printed' still
but your outline for the future sounds challenging and exciting.

David Redfield

Thank you so much: I am delighted to hear . . .and to see:
thoroughly enjoyed this cyberspace launch of 'dew-on-line'
I love the artwork especially

Sheila Windsor

I had a look at dew on line and was pleasantly surprised.
the positioning of the poems is quite striking and has a stillness
about it all which is both disquietening and disarming.

john bryan

page four


one of the best haiku journals on-line!  it's wonderful, that you give
each poet, one poem per page.  it gives the reader, time to
contemplate upon each poem without the distraction, of wanting
to read another poem, in their vision.

your art work adds a "zen-like" quality, that makes dew-on-line a unique
contemporary & progressive haiku journal!!

harmony & good fortune

Pamela A. Babusci

Good luck with your new project. It seems a dynamic move.

Ole J. Hagen


I have begun dipping into DOL. The high standards of still are certainly maintained,
but I'm not quite sure about the architecture of the site. I feel that having
everything on one continuous scrolling screen loses the 'random dipping-in'
potential of the journal format. I wonder if, perhaps, and index page with
hyperlinks to each poem (with NEXT & BACK options on each page for a more
linear approach if desired) may not be more effective?  Also, with each poem, I feel
I'm scrolling down a portrait-format page, rather than seeing a whole within the landscape format of the screen. These are, of course, just personal responses
to the layout, but thought I'd pass them on for your consideration.

Oz Hardwick


page five




editor's reply to oz hardwick's comments above:


Many thanks for your kind feedback and I am glad you thought
the high standards of still had been maintained.

dol was designed to ensure that the readers create for themselves the
experience of slowing down when they start to read its contents. The
continuous scrolling screen helps to hush all that rush in
their minds and keep out unnecessary distractions. 

Your idea of an index page with hyperlinks would not work for dol simply
because it will attract other kinds of 'random dippers' who may only be
interested in reading their own or their friend's work and who may not
be interested in experiencing the rest of the e-zine. dol should not be
a 'fast food' experience. I would very much like all readers of dol to
take the time to enjoy and respect the hard work so many have put into
either their poetry or artwork, and to ultimately share
in its organic growth.

Small poems, in my opinion, would not work on the landscape format of
the screen. They need the portrait format that I have chosen to ensure
that the focus and attention of the reader is kept within the confines
of a 'page', and not elsewhere.

A lot of time [over five months at least] have gone into the design of
dew, and many avenues have been checked and re-checked.
I am not aiming for a perfect e-zine but one which could work
alongside still and the still anthology to come.

ai   li





page six


Thank-you for your considered response to my comments. I shall just
have to adapt my reading habits to the new format !

Oz Hardwick

I visited the Still and dew-on-line wegpage and read the haiku poems
which are wonderful. The website has such an exquisite design! . . .
I'll go visit your excellent website again as soon as possible.

Sonia Cristina Corman


Before I forget  . . . .  again  . . . .
I was interested & very impressed by
your aims for the future & especially all
that you said about healing  . . . .

Blessings abound on all your plans.

Leslie Giddens

There's some really good work on the site.

Andrew Shelley


I like dew!     There is, I think, a lot of potential for web-based poetry that
has barely been tapped.    I hope you will help define this new territory.

Marc Thompson





page seven


Denise and I have gone through your new online magazine and
find that it was conceived in the same thoughtful spirit; the airy pages
of text and provocative artwork superb!  We wish
you great success on this exciting, new venture.


I haven't had a good look at it yet but what I have seen looks high quality.
All the best in your new projects.

Peter Williams


I had the wonderful pleasure of discovering your excellent website . . . As a
photographer I have always been interested in combining words and images.
 . . . On discovering the 'still' web site I was really impressed by it. The
September 11th' section I found really powerful! On reading about the imminent
launch of 'dew-on-line' I resolved to keep checking the site for the 1st edition.
I was not disappointed! I've just finished reading the first issue, excellent!
I'm looking forward to seeing it organically evolve as you suggest!
Hopefully it will inspire me to write my own 'haiku'!

Peter H. Evans


Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed your new website.
Glad to have my haiku in dol one.


K. Ramesh




i welcome your comments about dew-on-line

all comments posted will include the writers' names
without which the validity of the opinions and/or comments
expressed is questionable.


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