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edition one of dew-on-line 2002
and notice board


original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002









r e v i e w s


the following two reviews first appeared in still 5 two
and still 5 three aka still two 2001 and still three 2001






u p s t a t e    d i m    s u m


        raising the blinds
        the moon
        is whole again

        yu chang


                                                                                                                           turkey leg -
                                                                                                                          part of it
                                                                                                                          part of me

                                                                                                                    john stevenson



Two of 54 Haiku from 'Upstate Dim Sum' from the Route 9 Haiku Group,
available at $5 per issue, $8 annually for two issues. US currency preferred but cheques payable to 'John Stevenson' also accepted. Orders to:
John Stevenson, POB 122, Nassau, NY, USA.


A quiet well produced book - there is a delicacy in the writing and the
black & white cover of the Adirondack mountains
is reminiscent of Chinese brushwork.

ai  li









n o t h i n g     p e r s o n a l ______________________________________________

by LeRoy Gorman



        what leaves
                        leaves limbs



        Still has a honey smell
        the jar
        the firefly's in

        the jar       


                                                                                                         the locked ward

                                                                                                the only window                                                                                                                



There are 104 diverse poems in this small book ['for the insects'] for
the reader grown tired of predictable Haiku & short verse. This is an individual
offering from an author whose voice and style of writing is nothing less than unique.


Send $ ppd for your copy to: Proof Press,
67 Court St., Aylmer (QC) J9H 4MI, Canada.


ai  li





n o t i c e    b o a r d

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002









n o t i c e    b o a r d


two current magazines you may wish to explore further . . .
 . . . and a Tanka contest that has been brought to my attention







b o t t l e   r o c k e t s

A Collection of Short Verse
Spring/Summer 2002  Vol. 3 N0. 2

This issue has a startling yellow cover and the Editor reminds his readers that
'The doors are always open here for the traditional, the experimental
and anything in between..'


I enjoyed:

            red rose
            one petal
            missing                                      by Viet Nguyen [Age 12]




Larry Kimmel's fine 'New England Palms' haibun.


Please contact:

Stanford M. Forrester, Editor
bottle rockets, P.O. Box 290691
Wethersfield, CT 06129-0691, USA



ai   li








Haiga, Haiku, Artwork and Tanka



            shadow play;                  they change                  to snakes
                   how easily                     from doves



The poem above from a Haiga by Debi Bender.
'All contributors receive a free copy of issue in which their work appears.'



Please contact:

Doris E Pearson, Editor
P.O. Box 563, Jacobson,
MN 55752-0563, USA



ai   li








Tanka Society of America Tanka Contest [closing date 30 April 2002]
contact Pamela A. Babusci at:
for full details.









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