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p r o f i l e s    i n    s t i l l n e s s
a dew-on-line feature two 


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original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002

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p r o f i l e s     i n     s t i l l n e s s


o f   p o e t s   t o u c h e d   b y   g r a c e






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page four



Larry Kimmel



out of blue smoke . . .









page five



                        the stone at the edge
of the lawn







page six



                        so beautiful
                        I can't even stam
mer right






page seven



                        This moonless night,
                        this hush
of falling snow -
                                     by lamplight
                                     your five haiku . . .







page eight



                        Eyes squeezed,
                        the tabby in the bookstore window
sleeps -
                        I imagine you here,
                        your arm through mine






page nine



                        such an affection
                        for this only spider
Christmas alone






page ten









page eleven



                        a snake released -
                        the feel of it
stays in my hand






page twelve



                        hunter's moon
                        the cat comes home
faintly smelling of wood smoke






page thirteen



                        had to do it -
                        squeeze the eyes                           
of the dead fish






page fourteen



                        Staring at
                        the kitchen linoleum,                           
I can still find,
                        after all these years,
                        a familiar face or two






page fifteen



"Just look at the mud
on your pants!" - in his fist
violets for her






page sixteen



                        Her breast fits
                        like a fruit in the curve
of the small guitar -
                        and I would be her Picasso
                        some Spanish afternoon






page seventeen



                        I'm just saying
                        how good it is to see her
when suddenly
                        she sticks out her tongue -
                        catches a snowflake






page eighteen



                        her diary -
                        if only I hadn't forced
its tiny lock






page nineteen









f i n i s









page twenty






Larry Kimmel


Larry Kimmel was born in 1940 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and
Pittsburgh University, and has worked at everything
from steel mills to libraries. He has been publishing poetry
for the past twenty-five years and has five collections of poetry,
"Lights Across the River," "Pedal Point",  "alone tonight,"
"the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses,"
and "the necessary fly," as well as a short novel,
"A Small Silent Ordeal." He lives with his wife
in the hills of western Massachusetts.








page twenty-one



thank you Larry for sharing your poems




if you have enjoyed the small selection of Larry's poetry presented
in this second feature of profiles in stillness on dew-on-line,
you may be pleased to know that you will be able to read more
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still 3 one - four, still 4 one - four, and still 5 one - three.

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all featured poems copyright Larry Kimmel 2002