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meet  the  writers  of  edition  two  of  dew-on-line

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002








m e e t      t h e      w r i t e r s


contributors to the second edition of dew-on-line
are actively encouraged to send in their current biographies
and/or  photographs/self-portraits/original artwork
to enable the readers to get to know them a little better


bios, photographs and artwork that follow on are not in alphabetical order
but in the order they were received by me

















Stanford M. Forrester


is the editor of bottle rockets: a collection of short verse
and the 2nd Vice President of the Haiku Society of America. He writes
haiku, tanka and renku and has won the Museum of Haiku Literature
Award as well as first place in the Dublin Arts Council Haiku Contest
in 2001. Stanford is a practising Buddhist in the Pure Land tradition.
He spends what free time he has with his wife Mary, and his two
baby daughters, Abigail and Molly.

















Larry Kimmel


Larry Kimmel was born in 1940 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and
Pittsburgh University, and has worked at everything
from steel mills to libraries. He has been publishing poetry
for the past twenty-five years and has five collections of poetry,
"Lights Across the River,"
"Pedal Point",  "alone tonight,"
"the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses,"
and "the necessary fly," as well as a short novel,
"A Small Silent Ordeal." He lives with his wife
in the hills of western Massachusetts.


















Linda Robeck


In a former life Linda was a rocket scientist for NASA. Now she is
delighted to be back home in New England where she writes full time
when she's not gardening or catering to her cat's every whim.
Her first collection of haiku, a chapbook titled 'arriving'
was just released at the
end of 2001.

















Tim Chamberlain


My interest in Eastern forms of verse began with the Poets of the T'ang
Dynasty and continued with Japanese forms such as Haiku, Senryu and
Tanka. A few years ago I was introduced by a friend to the Fu form of
the Han and Six Dynasties Periods. When I first began writing seriously
it was in short form poetics, but my interests are wide and I am also
very interested in the Western Tradition, particularly the works of
Keats, Byron and Shakespeare. In my approach to all my writing - whether
poem or prose - my only concerns are sentience and honesty. Language
provides a rich palette, and I feel the object is always to attempt at
the worthy and the beautiful. To achieve this, freedom is the requisite
paramount. Without freedom there can be no truth.

calm mind into
















Felicity Brookesmith


has been writing haiku "all the time" since 1998, alongside longer poetry 
(that started, age 9, with writing hymns,) finding both mutually enhancing, 
and haiku irresistible. Published in magazines& anthologies: Connections, 
Equinox, Blithe Spirit, Presence, and is working towards a haiku 
Collection. Lives close to and loves the sea, her daughters and 
grandchildren, cats and other wildlife, her friends, flowers, and
playworking  with words in kaleidoscopic order.


















Arturas Silanskas  (Vilnius, LITHUANIA)


32 years old, married, have got 3 kids (boys).
Interested in Japanese culture on the whole and especially
in martial  arts: judo (have been practicing judo for over 20 years),
jujitsu and poetry (mainly haiku).
Started to write haiku a couple years ago. 

Publications so far:
Mainichi Daily News (December 2001, February, March 2002);
still (dew-on-line).













Sheila Windsor


Sheila lives in central England. After family and friends, her passions are 
literature and art. She attended Art School in the early seventies and later 
read B.A. dual-hons. English and Law at The University of Keele, being 
awarded the University's Foundation Year Prize in 1981. From the age of 
ten she has written poetry and made art-work of all sorts. She has 
exhibited and sold her work, mostly expressionist watercolours and silk-
paintings, in local galleries. Most recently she has branched into the field 
of abstract and conceptual art and aims to develop these genre.

Sheila's first began submitting poetry for publication seven years ago and 
was immediately successful, having work accepted for a British 
mainstream journal: 'Reach'. Further publication and awards for 
mainstream poetry quickly followed, amongst them runner-up in the 'Poetry 
Life' Annual Open International Poetry Competition, and 'The Hilton House' 
Poet Of The Year Award, sponsored by The Poetry Society.

When Sheila met haiku, approx. six years ago, it was 'love at first sight' 
and she has been immersed in it ever since. She has been published in: 
Britain, U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Europe, in 
quality haiku journals such as: still, Snapshots, Blythe Spirit, Presence, 
Frogpond, RawNerVZ, Bottle Rockets and others.

Her awards for haiku and tanka, runner-up positions and commendations, 
number, at a rough count, some twenty-six, including The James W. 
Hackett International Award 1998; several runner-up positions in the 'still' 
award: in 2001, the last year of the award, receiving three runner-up 
places, a first in the history of the competition, two for haiku and one for 
tanka. Other recent honours include: first prize in The Third Annual 
Suruga Baika Literary Festival Award for haiku (International English 
language section) 2001; and three commendations in the Haiku Presence 
International Award 2001 (one of them a highly commended).

Sheila says that membership of haiku internet lists has opened lines of 
communication, with kindred spirits, throughout the world, removed much 
of the isolation that is often the norm for poets and artists and brought her 
many precious friendships.
















Cralan Deutsch

foto by Yane, with Hima children in Kaokaland, Northern Namibia, September 2001


Born in London 1970. A few years ago, cralan's father showed him the
black sandy beach in Mendocino, California, where he first learned to walk.
Here I am 30 years later still reeling from the consequences. One of my
first journal contributions was proudly in Still 3. Since then I have
contributed to Fish Drum, Osiris, Sundog, Cafe Review, 580 Split,
Drought, and Cross-Counter among others. Writing and
contributing poetry brings me no end of pleasure.




















Oz Hardwick


I I am a photographer by training, a writer by vocation, and a university lecturer
by accident. My recent publications have mainly been articles on literature
and art, but poems have continued to sneak out. I occasionally play in
rock bands, but probably shouldn’t, and have a fascination with the
late Middle Ages, but wouldn’t want to live there.






















K. Ramesh



 I write haiku, tanka and free verse. 

My poems have appeared in Still, Presence, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest,
Asahi Haikuist Network, Mainichi Daily News, Paper Wasp,
American  Tanka, Haijinx, Tinywords, Midwest Poetry Review, Haiku Novine,
Haiku Moment, and In Buddha's Temple. Some of my works have
been accepted for  publication in Snapshots and Bottle Rockets.

I work as a teacher in a J Krishnamurti School in Chennai, India. 
















a i    l i


in the after-silence i write












original artwork and one-liner copyright ai  li  2002


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