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page one




I have now had a good look at dew-on-line and find it
quite beautiful. Your artwork is wonderful. Do you have exhibitions?
Some of it reminds me of Miro's "Blue 11".

Peter Williams

Your new combination of releasing Still as an anthologised magazine
for the book club, and putting the poems online sounds interesting.

. . .  ps i found your sept. 11 page very moving, as so many people
obviously have a need to process their thoughts,
and so beautifully.

Cralan Deutsch

Regarding publication of my haiku in magazines, i would like to say this:
It all started with 'Still'. I will be ever grateful to you.

K. Ramesh

I have found edition 1 very absorbing. There are some wonderful pieces
and I do like the blending of art work and text - something I have always
been wary of because I have seen  some attempts to do this register as artificial.
On first look I was tempted to simply scroll down and skim read
(I know - a disgraceful impulse however fleeting) but did not and
instead spent three periods of moving down page by page pacing it
and not wanting it to end. It also meant seeing my own piece in its
collated context instead of in isolation.

William Brown

page two



I am ecstatic you enjoyed my tear haiku and will post her, 
in dew-on-line edition 2002 . . . especially flattered because I
love your haiku . . . I am fascinated by the new imaginative forms
of poetry you are creating and I am trying my hand at one now,
in a journal, for a month.

Cynthia Marie

The edition one of dol is delightful. As one has come to expect,
the selection of work is diverse and thought-provoking and delightful. Thank you.

Linda Robeck

wow!     the new era for 'still'!!!
thank you for all your hard work as the still editor for the past 5? years!!!!!!!!!

Fay Aoyagi

The site looks wonderful and easy to navigate through. Congratulations!
 . . .  I spent a very long time yesterday on dol and enjoyed it profusely.
The material was very fresh and original. I also found the layout spacious
which let material breath and left the mind uncluttered in a Zen fashion.

Stanford M. Forrester

Keep up the superb work.

Phil Sully




page three



I am very excited to be contributing to dol, as sending you a submission
was something of a celebration for me . . . For all the joy you bring
to many people, through publicising their work, I hope that some of
that energy comes back to you.

Cralan Deutsch

II had a quick peek yesterday . . . It's a bold step for haiku.
I look forward to seeing its petals unfold, watching it unfold.



                                                                         the first dew
                                                                                on the first frond,

Tim Chamberlain

How exciting to discover your web site.

Dave Malone

dol is a truly exciting, perceptive, poignant, touching...creation. THANK YOU.

Felicity Brookesmith

page four




And congratulations to you for dew-on-line; I enjoyed the first
e-issue, and look forward to reading more. And I particularly like
the fact that you've included artwork-- a genuine attraction which
nicely highlights the poetry.

Rebecca Lilly

Your largesse frightens me.

Larry Kimmel

Reading thru dol 2, with more special poems and striking
Artwork, I've been thinking how gorgeous, I'm part of this, thank you,
 . . .I'm looking forward to the Anthology/ies.

Felicity Brookesmith

I've been fascinated by STILL for a considerable time now and
welcome your new e-zine very warmly.

Frank Joussen

 ... . . dew-on-line, which btw, is spectacular, though I
expected no less from you.





page five




It is with great pleasure that I learned you're going to post two of
my pieces in your sensitive-thoughtful journal.

Yehia Samir Lababidi

 . . . I have certainly been interested to see/read what you have
accepted from other writers, as enlightening and affirming.

Felicity Brookesmith

Leslie Giddens feature is really excellent...Just the right amount.
And so quiet. Especially those on pages 6,7 8 & 9. A good
feature start for the philosophy of "dew-on-line"...

Larry Kimmel

 . . your wonderful enterprise.

Erin Cowgill



i welcome your comments about dew-on-line

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without which the validity of the opinions and/or comments
expressed is questionable.


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