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the very first book on Cherita deserves an honest review
and we have two other books on Tanka from Japan . ..








the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses ______________________________________________

by Larry Kimmel



Kimmel is a writer and a poet I have time for.  He brings every echo from his
past to enrich our present. We hear his night train, experience the blue smoke
he blows our way with eyes grown accustomed to cigarette glow, with
the steel mills etching every passing horizon.

This volume of Cherita could have been more fiercely edited by whittling down its
number of poems by a dozen or more, but this would have prevented the
readers from discovering this author's wide range of subject matter,
his fine use of language, and more importantly, the way he allows the form
to grow through him, delivering to us his personal truths.

I may have created the Cherita
but Larry Kimmel has endowed it with endless possibilities.

I hope you will buy this volume for all its necessary flaws.  Immerse yourself in the
poets fragmented world, a world in which he shows us again and again how we
can cope with the permanent ache of being human.


a i      l i




the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses
by Larry Kimmel; 2001.  
100pp., flat-spine, 8.5 x 5.5 ".
Winfred Press,  364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340,  USA. 
$12.00 domestic (USA) ppd.,  $14.00 ppd. overseas surface





for the cherita guidelines and fine examples of the form, please click here.





One Hundred Tanka
Young Students Today 2001

translated by Naoshi Koriyama and Joseph J. Dilenschneider




        This morning I dig a hole
        in the Earth
        with a shovel
        for a goldfish
        which will never swim again

        Masaru Beppu (M. 17)



                                                                                   I wonder
                                                                                   if I can see a world
                                                                                   I've never seen before
                                                                                   from the top
                                                                                   of the Ferris wheel.


                                                                                   Tomoko Egawa (F.18)
        the jar       



           Today I listen
           to the song of lost love again

           all by myself,
           and I find myself
           in the words of the song.



           Takefumi Uenmatsu (M.16)                                                                                                            



100 Tanka have been selected from 69,486 entries
in this 14th annual compilation. I found a number of the Tanka
refreshingly innocent and the authors' approach lightly brushed by zen.


All correspondence to: Public Relations Office,
Toyo University, 5-138-20 Hakusan, Bunyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606, Japan.


a i    l i










Burs of Chestnuts

One Hundred Tanka by Koichi Kansaku

Edited and Translated
Naoshi Koriyama




        I'm told
        that the fish leaping up
        are mullets,
        as we walk by the seashore
        in the evening glow.



                                                                                   My morning in Montana begins
                                                                                   with a ritual
                                                                                   of putting a one dollar bill
                                                                                   under the pillow
                                                                                   for a tip.





        I hear the sound
        of the newspaper dropped into the mailbox,
        and then the sound
        of the motorcycle
        going farther away.




We are told that this book has been privately printed to commemorate
the author's retirement.  This is a gentle book of Tanka where we go
on a journey with the author and enjoy his quiet time of wonderment.


All enquries to: 

Koichi Kansaku, 3-16-16, Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan

or to:

Naoshi Koriyama, 2-15-9 Yaei, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.


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n o t i c e    b o a r d

original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002









n o t i c e    b o a r d


one independent magazine for short poetry
 a journal of unedited tanka you may wish to look into . . .










Magazine of the Short Poem
Vol. XII, No.3     March 2002

This issue features the poems of Padraig Rooney 'for his poetry is
large-hearted enough to express the joy or the sadness.'


I enjoyed:


                       for the atheists
                          the summer stars                                      



by vincent tripi



Please contact:

Phyllis Walsh, Editor
Hummingbird, P.O. Box 96,
Richland Center, WI 53581, USA



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2001   No. 19



                                                          how many times
                                                          in half a century
have I thought
                                                          today is different,
                                                          this is the first morning


                                                          Amelia Fielden



The membership fee is US$40 and the journal is published twice a year.



Please contact:

Nihon Kajin Club,
Shuei Bldg. 2F, 1-12-5,
Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0022, JAPAN.



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