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meet  the  writers  of  edition  three  of  dew-on-line


original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002








m e e t      t h e      w r i t e r s


contributors to the third edition of dew-on-line
are actively encouraged to send in their current biographies
and/or  photographs/self-portraits/original artwork
to enable the readers to get to know them a little better


bios, photographs and artwork that follow on are not in alphabetical order
but in the order they were received by me









A.  Lee  Firth




Became interested in poetry when realised attended
same school as late poet laureate Ted Hughes.

However do not like traditional formats &
subject matter of much contemporary poetry.

Prefer minimalist/imagist style incorporating
wordplay & deliberate blurring of meaning.

Although obviously male, many editors think that
I'm a radical lesbian - I do not correct them.
















Larry Kimmel


Larry Kimmel was born in 1940 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and
Pittsburgh University, and has worked at everything
from steel mills to libraries. He has been publishing poetry
for the past twenty-five years and has five collections of poetry,
"Lights Across the River,"
"Pedal Point",  "alone tonight,"
"the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses,"
and "the necessary fly," as well as a short novel,
"A Small Silent Ordeal." He lives with his wife
in the hills of western Massachusetts.
















Michael Meyerhofer


Michael Meyerhofer graduated from the University of Iowa, 
after a suitable time spent wandering and having adventures,
hopes to return and teach at the college level.  His poems
have appeared (or will appear) in Chiron Review, 2River View,
still, Tundra, bottle rockets, snapshots, Potpourri,
and Lilliput Review. 

















Mark Farid


My name is Mark Farid. I live in Leicester
go to stoneygate school. I am in year five.
I am ten years old my birthday is December 17.
My hobbies are football, rugby and cricket.
I have an evil older brother and a dad and a mum.













Leslie Giddens




Born 1929. Started writing haiku & tanka since
my retirement in 1994. I love the tension between Mies van der Roes'
"less is more" and Donatella Versace's "Less is less and less."









Spencer Neal




I am thirty years old and currently live in London. I began writing
poetry around ten years ago but have only began sending poems out
to magazines and e-zines recently. I have had a number printed over the
past few months. Last year my poem-play 'Words' was given a performance
at the Teatro Technics in Camden, London (by the SplitMoon Theatre Company),
and the Mill House Studio Theatre, Guildford (by the StopGap theatre Company).











Alice Pero




Alice Pero is a dancer, musician and poet/teacher.  Her poetry has been
published in many magazines and anthologies including Word Thursday,
Trés di-verse-city, Albatross, Lummox and The California Quarterly. 
Her first book of poetry, Thawed Stars, illustrated by Bruce Silton,
was published in the summer of 1999 by SunInk Publications.   In 2001
her poetry received two awards from The National League of American
Pen Women. Alice has taught creative writing on both U.S. coasts and
was a creative writing workshop leader for the New York City Ballet Education Department's poetry project from 1991 through 1996, teaching in inner
city school of the five boroughs of New York as well as being poet-in-residence
at a private school in New Jersey. She moved to Los Angeles in 1996
and continued teaching at both private and public schools, under the
auspices of The California Poets in the Schools and WORD Process.
Alice feels poetry is best understood by children as a 3-dimensional experience
with sound and she is dedicated to bringing poetry alive through performance.
She is happy that ai li


















Debra Woolard Bender




(Debi) is an artist/poet who has lived in Florida since 1989,
the mother of two and grandmother of four. She grew up in an 
Air Force family, the eldest of 5 children. She felt she was an artist,
at least from her preschool years and is primarily self-taught. She began 
writing poetry in about 1965 during high school, and submitted works to 
small presses and magazines for publication through the 1970's. Finding 
haiku on the internet in 1999 her interest was renewed, and since that  time
she has focused her poetry on Asian genres, often combining poetry  and
art. Debi also enjoys experimenting and exploring in multi-genre work  and
linking poetry. She is the Development Director of the World Haiku Club and Editor-in-Chief of its magazine, the World
Haiku Review . Her personal  website
with resource library is Paper Lanterns,


















J. Marcus Weekley



 is 27 and currently lives in Hattiesburg, MS, with three roommates
and their cat Oliver. He has been writing for the past eleven 
years, and grew up reading poets who value nature in their depictions 
and/or use unique rhythms and metaphors such as James Wright, 
Langston Hughes, Anne Sexton, and Adrienne Rich. Marcus is also a 
photographer and painter and he really digs the works of Georgia O'Keefe, 
Gustave Courbet, Frank Stella, Bruce Davidson, Edward Hopper, and the 
French Neo-Classicist sculptors. Marcus enjoys receiving email at:




















K. Ramesh



 I write haiku, tanka and free verse. 

My poems have appeared in Still, Presence, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest,
Asahi Haikuist Network, Mainichi Daily News, Paper Wasp,
American  Tanka, Haijinx, Tinywords, Midwest Poetry Review, Haiku Novine,
Haiku Moment, and In Buddha's Temple. Some of my works have
been accepted for  publication in Snapshots and Bottle Rockets.

I work as a teacher in a J Krishnamurti School in Chennai, India. 
















a i    l i


you'll find me remembering voices












original artwork and one-liner copyright ai  li  2002


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