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original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002

page one




I have spent moments over the past few days looking
through DOL 2. It is, of course, a pleasure and an
honour to be included. I was particularly taken by
Cralan Deutsch's work

Legends has provided an interesting challenge . . .

Oz Hardwick

 . . . and good luck with the next terrific issue!

Michael Meyerhofer

 . . . keep up the great work you do for poetry.

Ann Egan

dew-on-line 1 & 2 look great . . .

Paul Madden

I wanted to thank you again - + tell you how happy I am to be
part of what you're doing. I love spending quiet moments w/ your site.

Erin Cowgill


page two




I am enjoying re-reading the completed dol 2.

Felicity Brookesmith

I'm very excited both about dol, and the new anthology series.

Michael Meyerhofer

  And of your art work, I was particularly taken with the "dew-on-line" one,
the blue and white one with the two blue-green dots. It drew me
in with a slight intake of breath (I'm not kidding)
yet felt so peaceful. I'll no doubt return to it.

The translation of Santoka p.7 is very fine . . . You're off the a good start . . .
and when the journal is still quite short like that, there is a sense of
anticipation which is bound to keep bringing readers back. I think
the organic aspect of dol is going to work quite well.

Larry Kimmel

a short while ago: I wanted to write to you at once . . . to say how
lovely to see the poems and artwork so vibrant there. I've read,
once through, the bios, comments and reviews, too.

 . . . The sexy one and raining again is all sorts of things, among them
grin-making, real, refreshing...and real applies to you as Editor, too...

I loved the Tanka in the Reviews:that's a form I find appealing . . .
As you can see, I'm continuing to feel inspired, and now
I'll have another look/read/muse..

Felicity Brookesmith



page three




I've seen your new site - and it's brilliant.
It's a good idea to change the way that STILL is seen, also.

Eamer O'Keeffe

II am hugely impressed by dew on line (which I heard from
Stanford Forrester)  the artwork is as luscious as the poems.
Keep it up.

Sarah Luczaj

I feel inspired...again!...visiting dol 3...

Felicity Brookesmith

The site is looking good and i like the name . . .

Sheila Windsor

I am honoured to be part of your projects!

Sarah Luczaj

 . . . I think the issue is wonderful.

Michael Meyerhofer


page four




I have spent some time looking at dol and also reading your
own poems and the quality is truly superb.

Alice Pero

Enjoyed the "seascape" poem in the journal proper and always
Santoka . . .I was happy to see you using longer poems
in the feature of Marjorie Buettner's.

Larry Kimmel

Some of the poems were very good. I think my favourite this
time was the more traditional "cat and cricket" poem of Tim Chamberlain,
with its charming illustration. I also liked Sheila Windsor's "Moon".

Heather Kirk

It is growing isn't it!

Bill Brown

thanks so much for the site,  the work,  and the wonderful
feeling of collaboration

Erin Cowgill



page five




I have enjoyed still very much.

Nir Shaki

I am delighted with your perceptive review of my book, 'A Pattern
for This Place'! It is especially gratifying to know that my tanka about
a woman from a different time and place communicated to you, who
live an ocean away and one or two cultures away. Thank you!

Carol Purington

. . . and the entrancing Poet Feature . . . beautiful, truly poetic, and
what a cv...shall visit prayer lighthouse later, and re-visit dol 3.

Felicity Brookesmith


I just peeked in on your site tonight and what you did was absolutely wonderful.
You have such a vibrant yet subtle artistic hand. Wonderful images that
seem to go hand in hand with the poetry. How can I ever thank you for the
gift you have given me? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marjorie Buettner


I've been to your revamped website and love it!

The latest DOL with Marjorie is priceless.

Hortensia Anderson



page six




 . . . it is a pleasure to watch DOL move through different spaces as it grows.

Oz Hardwick

dew-on-line looks good, already the quality and the entity are 'beginning'
to 'hone itself' into something distinct, much as still originally did. It's
good to see more haiga and artwork. Are you going to include more of
your own artwork and photography? One of the best features of still was
always your amazing covers. I hope there will more of your photography
in future editions.

Tim Chamberlain


I have just read through your feature of Marjorie Buettner in
dew-on-line 3 - wonderful. I look forward to reading more.

Debra Woolard Bender


After having looked through dol 3 I am beginning to understand a
little more of the meaning you give to the word?journey?. The scope of
subjects, imagery and style is extensive, and yet you give a sense of
underlying cohesion to each journal as a gathering of poems. I think
it is this which generates the feeling of ? collaboration?
Erin Cowgill speaks of so rightly.

Bill Brown


I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed your and
Marjorie Buettner's joint feature!    It is simply beautiful !!
I love Marjorie's writing and your sensitive,  quiet artwork
beautifully complemented her writing.   Well done !
My best wishes and admiration.

Maria Steyn


Your marvelous!

Ray Rasmussen







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