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p r o f i l e s    i n    s t i l l n e s s
a dew-on-line feature four 


page one

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002

page two




p r o f i l e s     i n     s t i l l n e s s


o f   p o e t s   t o u c h e d   b y   g r a c e






page three












page four

original 'Poetry' calligraphy copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002


page five



Pamela A. Babusci



her many moons and found nectar









page six



moon on my back   i kiss him deeply    






 page seven











page eight

original artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002


page nine










 page ten




                        wanting you
                        fills me up...
                        flower nectar
                        dripping on the
                        lace tablecloth






page eleven




                        summer gauze skirt
                        flowing like
                        pampas grass
                        remembering the wind
                        of his hands







page twelve

original artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002

page thirteen












page fourteen










 page fifteen




                        what words would
                        convince you to stay?
                        this autumn heart
                        shedding leaves
                        like a scarlet maple






page sixteen

original artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002


 page seventeen



i traveled a moonbeam tonight searching for you






page eighteen





                        at dawn
                        my aching limbs
                        my wanton heart...
                        somehow, somewhere
                        you invaded me






page nineteen





                        silent bedroom whispers
                        linger in my hair...
                        before you leave
                        one more cup
                        to fill me






page twenty

original artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002


page twenty-one




                        dipping into the well
                        of love, i disturb the
                        moon's reflection...
                        foolish woman, he will
                        never overlap you again






page twenty-two



                        paper screen
                        the shadows of my lover

as he slowly undresses
how erotic the spadix
                        of the red calla lily







page twenty-three



                        there was no moon tonight
so i painted one on the
                        bedroom window
                        while my thoughtless lover
                        slept until dawn







 page twenty-four

original artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002


page twenty-five







                        forever                          if
                        let                                  your
                        my                                 love
                        love                               be
                        be                                 still
                        in                  &              stillness
                        motion                          shall
                        with                               be
                        yours                             the






page twenty-six




                        your fingers
                        trace my lips
                        north & south
                        beneath the full moon
                        spanish moss






page twenty-seven




lonely tonight i drink all the moonbeams






page twenty-eight




                        no beginning
                        no end...






page twenty-nine

original 'Love' calligraphy copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002

page thirty









f i n i s









page thirty-one






Pamela A. Babusci


Pamela A. Babusci is an internationally published haiku & tanka 
poet, winning numerous awards, including The Museum of Haiku 
Literature Award in 1995 & International Tanka Splendor Awards in 
1996-1999 & 2001.  Her poetry has appeared in many anthologies, 
including In The Ship's Wake (England), The Art of Haiku 2000 
(England), The Basho Festival Anthology (Japan), Red Moon 
Anthologies & The Internationalization of Japanese Poems (Japan).

She helped illustrate, Full Moon Tide: The Best of Tanka Splendor 
& her sumi-e paintings will appear in the four issues of the HSA 
Newsletter in 2001-2002.  For Haiku North America 2003, Pamela
was chosen to be the artist to design the logo.

Pamela writes at least one haiku or tanka every day before the 
morning star rises.  She can't imagine her life without the "art of 
poetry" in it.  Poetry is an integral part of her life, like her artwork 
& her spiritually.  She finds peace & serenity in writing poetry & 
many times her words bring emotional healing into her essence.  
She hopes, that in reading her poems, you will understand the 
different moods, emotions, the complexity of her personality,
and the ebb & flow of the tides of her life.










original bamboo artwork copyright  Pamela A. Babusci  2002

page thirty-two



thank you Pamela for sharing your poems & artwork




if you have enjoyed the selection of Pamela's poetry presented
in this fourth feature of profiles in stillness on dew-on-line,
you may be pleased to know that you will be able to read more
of this fine poet's work in still 4 four, still 5 one, still 5 two
and still 5 three.

none of the work featured in this section has appeared in still.

these editions of still are available from
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all featured poems copyright Pamela A. Babusci 2002