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original artwork copyright  ai li  2002

page one




I have received a lot of praise from your wonderful site.  I thank
you again for your creativity and hard work and friendship.

Marjorie Buettner

 I've enjoyed checking in on dol and finding more.
. . .  I liked . . . p. 69 sore throat, Robert Naczas; p.71 your lollipop;
and p. 72 solitary plane, shirley cahayom. And Chamberlain is right.
Why not some of your photography?

Larry Kimmel

 I am honored for the inclusion  in the future dew-on-line. I will spread
the word about your publications to other short-verse writers
whom I am in contact with.

John Lawson

I checked out issue three of dew-on-line and I really really enjoy its
artwork best, with yours and Larry Kimmel's work. I REALLY enjoyed
Mark Farid's picture too . . . I particularly liked the blue opening
image above the dew-on-line information link.

J. Marcus Weekely


page two




And writing of journeys,  it is a pleasure to watch  DOL move
through different spaces as it grows.

Oz Hardwick

I still love your artwork. Maybe you could produce prints.

Peter Williams


Thank you, ai li, for your interesting posting of the two 'alone' poems
I wrote originally as one poem: I can see that, like this, they are part
of 'the whole story' that you are in the process of telling, organically.
This reminds me of Blake who write that we should first see the 'whole'
in its 'minute particulars' . . . 

As ever, I like the way you select and arrange the
Artwork, amongst the poems . . . My connection with
dew-on-line is such a pleasure.

Felicity Brookesmith

I've been enjoying the haiku selections in dew-on-line.

Rebecca Lilly




page three




thank you for printing two of my haiku in the first issue of your
lovely journal . . .

jim bernath

wow, ai li, really like your art work on dol 4.

Larry Kimmel

you did a superb job with the layout of my poems & artwork.
the poetry kanji in the beginning & the love kanji at the end was
perfect.  thanks for your line: "her many moons & found nectar"
very appropriate, for me!! . . . i am so happy, that you chose to
honor me in this way.  i am grateful!!     i am humbled!!

Pamela A. Babusci

Dipping into dew is a constant and evolving pleasure.
It provides an invaluable room for silence,
near-silence and meditation.

David Redfield

I am so much moved by your artwork and your sense
of poetry sensibility . . .  I love your still very much . . .

Ikuyo Yoshimura

Appreciate outlet

bruce roxburgh

I have seen "Jazz", (and showed it to Tom, who said, 'Oh, Lovely')
and my comments in dol 4, as well as the Feature (beautiful, and
writing a poem every morning!) and I shall visit dol 4 again, this very
night, to read Reviews & re-read other lovely things! THANK YOU.

Felicity Brookesmith




i  welcome your comments about dew-on-line

all comments posted will include the writers' names
without which the validity of the opinions and/or comments
expressed is questionable.

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