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edition four of dew-on-line 2002 
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r e v i e w s


a new book on Haiku Tanka and Senryu from Japan










Internationalization of  Japanese Poems

Haiku   Tanka   Senryu
Ikuyo Yoshimura [HAIKU], Hatsue Kawawmura [TANKA]
and Kazuo Hayakawa [SENRYU]



            I handed a love letter
       To a girl without knowing
                  She's one of twins.


                      trans. by Kazuo Hayakawa


The Haiku, Tanka and Senryu  in this new book are bi-lingual
[English and Japanese] but the rest of the text are in Japanese script.
Black and white photographic reproductions are used liberally throughout,
all of which have been included to accompany the relevant poems.



         winter rain
         in our garage
         the same stray cat


         Penny Harter [The Orange Balloon 1980]



I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my poems
from an early edition of still had been used even though
it had not been submitted by me for the publication.



          A wolf; one firefly clinging to it


         Tohta Taneka

         trans. by Jim Kacian, Toshio Kimura, Ban'ya Natsuishi & Eric Selland
         [Haiku Troubadours 2000]



Ikuyo Noshimura tells me that this book is mainly used by the
Japanese college students who take the class of International Culture
or Comparative Literature and believes that these students will discover
fresh aspects of Haiku, Tanka and Senryu from the published examples,
and in turn should draw their attention to these short forms in English
as well as Japanese modern and classical short poems.



                                 From the future
                                    a wind arrives
          that blows the waterfall apart


          trans. by Stephen Gill, Jim Kacian, Ban'ya Natsuishi & Susumu Takiguchi
          [A Future Waterfall 1999]



A large number of the featured Tanka proved too sentimental for my liking
and I would have preferred to have been offered a wider selection of
work from writers of this genre. This would have given the reader
a more balanced understanding of modern Tanka and showcased
some fine examples being written in the West today.

But there was magic in one Tanka worthy of mentioning:



         I I knew nothing
           of the gingko
           until autumn
           laid a thousand fans
           at my feet


           LeRoy Gorman, Canada


Overall, the book is well produced and the subtle cover
design and its smooth laminated cover works well.




all enquiries to:

Ikuyo Yoshimura


290 pages, 4 x 7.5 inches, perfect bound



ai  li







n o t i c e    b o a r d 


original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002









n o t i c e    b o a r d


a book on Shiki brought back from time . . .
a limited handmade book back in print







Masaoka Shiki: His Life and Works

By Janine Beichman





 Cheng & Tsui Company is proud to make this acclaimed work, long out
of print, available once again in an enhanced edition with photographs.
The first critical biography of Shiki in English,
Masaoka Shiki: His Life and Works offers a complete portrait
of the life and the far reaching influence of "the father of modern haiku." 
Janine Beichman introduces Shiki's haiku and tanka within
the fascinating context of his brief and energetic life.





5.5 x 8.5, 15 b/w photographs, 192 pp. Paperback.


$19.95 add $5 for
shipping (domestic) and $6 shipping via seamail (international).
Pay by cheque, money order, or credit card in US funds to:
Cheng & Tsui Company, 25 West St., Boston, MA 02111-1213,
phone (617) 988-2401, secure web site:


ai   li













90 Frogs

by Dennis H. Dutton

Back in Print!


I wrote these poems--90 haiku with frogs in them--for
my mother, Helen Berneda Chapel Dutton, who was then
about three weeks from her 90th birthday (she's now 93). 

I made them into a very limited-edition handmade book;
also made 90 origami frogs with one haiku on each
one's back, then rode the train from new mexico to
California to give them to her. 

Most of the poems got written in a rain of frogs while
I was watching Zefferelli's 'Romeo and Juliet'
on video one night and while lingering
over coffee the next morning.

Here's a small sampler:

summer heat
a fly relaxing
on the frog's back

first one
then another
stars and frogs

old frog
who will blink first
you or me

no passport
the frog just hops
across the border

thick ice
over the pond
no frogs

good night frogs
keep singing
if you like


My Best, Tenzing

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk
(Formerly Dennis H. Dutton)
Fontana, Calfornia USA


  $6 + $1 shipping & handling in the US

$6+$2 shipping (ground) & handling outside the US

please mail cheques or cash to:

Stanford M. Forrester
bottle rockets press
p.o. box 290691
wethersfield, ct 06129-0691

Please make cheques out to: "Stanford M. Forrester"



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