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meet  the  writers  of  edition  five  of  dew-on-line

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002








m e e t      t h e      w r i t e r s


contributors to the fifth edition of dew-on-line
are actively encouraged to send in their current biographies
and/or  photographs/self-portraits/original artwork
to enable the readers to get to know them a little better


bios, photographs and artwork that follow on are not in alphabetical order
but in the order they were received by me










Peter Lewis Macrow




born and lives in Tasmania. Educated there and Goethe University, 
Frankurt am Main. B.A.Hons.,Grad.Dip.Lib.,Dip Languages (Jap.)
Former part-time tutor and lecturer in European Literature and for 14
years was a Sound Librarian for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Has had published haiku and longer poems, reviews and fiction.




















Hilary Mellon


was born in Norwich in 1949 and spent 21 years working in science
labs. Since then, after studying for an OU degree, she has worked in
adult education, a bookshop, a library, behind a bar, and on the streets
(as a Market Researcher). She now teaches 2oth Century Poetry,
Creative Writing and Life skills to a range of adults, including the residents
of Norwich Prison. Her work has been published in 70 different magazines
and anthologies as well as in 4 pamphlet books: Spaces InBetween
(Hesparus, 1983), Fire Raiser (Priapus, 1989), Disturbing the Night
(Envoi, 1989), and Alarmed by Dawn (Krax, 1993). Her first full-length
collection Night with an Old Raincoat (published by Headlock in 1995)
was re-printed in 2000.











Tim W. Younce


Tim W. Younce, formerly a federal police officer, now writes full-time.
He began his foray into tanka in late 2001. His tanka has appeared in Lynx,
and in upcoming issues of American Tanka, Tangled Hair, and Bottle Rockets.
A freestyle poem has appeared in Erased, Sigh, Sigh. He lives in
Luray, Virginia with his wife Penny.



















Larry Kimmel


Larry Kimmel was born in 1940 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and
Pittsburgh University, and has worked at everything
from steel mills to libraries. He has been publishing poetry
for the past twenty-five years and has five collections of poetry,
"Lights Across the River,"
"Pedal Point",  "alone tonight,"
"the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses,"
and "the necessary fly," as well as a short novel,
"A Small Silent Ordeal." He lives with his wife
in the hills of western Massachusetts.















Felicity Brookesmith


has been writing haiku "all the time" since 1998, alongside longer poetry 
(that started, age 9, with writing hymns,) finding both mutually enhancing, 
and haiku irresistible. Published in magazines& anthologies: Connections, 
Equinox, Blithe Spirit, Presence, and her collection of haiku,
"Counting Silk Houses", handmade by Colin Blundell, "Hub Editions"
is out now. The 'organic' characteristics of "dew-on-line" have given her
the unique opportunity of exploring different forms like 'Cherita' and
'tanka' as well as the 'free' forms, of her own choosing, that continue to
enhance her delight in writing poetry. Lives close to and loves the sea,
her daughters and  grandchildren, cats and other wildlife, her friends,
flowers, and playworking  with words in kaleidoscopic order.




















Graham Brown


born 1972, typical Gemini with Pisces moon, studied
Comparative Religion at Manchester University, started
writing poetry after that, on a sabbatical courtesy of the DHSS,
spent 5 years as a novice Buddhist monk (in the Thai forest tradition,
at monasteries in England), is now a fully fledged eco-nerd Dharma-bum












K. Ramesh



 I write haiku, tanka and free verse. 

My poems have appeared in Still, Presence, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest,
Asahi Haikuist Network, Mainichi Daily News, Paper Wasp,
American  Tanka, Haijinx, Tinywords, Midwest Poetry Review, Haiku Novine,
Haiku Moment, and In Buddha's Temple. Some of my works have
been accepted for  publication in Snapshots and Bottle Rockets.

I work as a teacher in a J Krishnamurti School in Chennai, India. 


















Carlos Colon



 a reference librarian in Shreveport, Louisiana, is the author
of nine chapbooks including Mountain Climbing and Clocking Out, two
collections of haiku and concrete poetry. He is a member of the Haiku
Society of America, for which he edited Voices and Echoes, the 2001 members'
anthology. Colon also is the editor of Shreve Memorial Library's Electronic
Poetry Network and Sunday at Four, a local literary magazine published by
The Trapped Truth Society.
















a i    l i


always in the quiet        the words come












original artwork and one-liner copyright  ai  li  2002


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