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original artwork copyright  ai li  2002

page one




thank you again for accepting my offerings. i would be very happy to
see my tanka posted in Poems of Remembrance. i hope that my
offerings would somehow help others to heal their pain. i enjoy
dol and still publications and i also find great joy in your artwork.

shirely cahayom

 By the way, Pamela Babusci's feature was excellent. So
well done. What a nice set of work pulled together.
Congrats to you and her.

Stanford M. Forrester

Wonderful to see dol 4 evolving so beautifully - the growing
presence of other poets' haiga and illustration (complementing
the pieces by yourself and Larry Kimmel) offers a subtly changing
rhythm to the organic whole. Hugely inspiring -
I should try some myself!

David Redfield

I was just meandering through the latest additions to dol 4, & was
particularly taken with your 'it grows light...' & Stanford M. Forrester's
'ocean waves'.

Oz Hardwick


page two




I saw the updates of dol 4 yesterday, with Reviews, and again, the
arrangement of poems and artwork is clever, and these poems
are among the best: I'm proud to be in this company.

As ever, I'm looking forward to being excited by what comes next!

Felicity Brookesmith

?Glad you and still are still going strong . . .

Judy Kendall

 warm greetings from the big apple. since i started submitting to dol, i feel
like i have known you as one of my best friends. dew on line is one publication
that i really am very comfortable in submitting my work. it feels like
there is always a friendly face over there who gives you comfort when
you need a friend. thanks a lot. i am sure that other people feel the
same way i do.

shirley cahayom


I love still and dew and visit often.

Cynthia Marie




page three




I have had a lovely time last night . . . reading the final update on dol 4,
then, ALL of it, (and all the Comments).. What a work of Art, an
amazing Collection of distinctive artwork, breathtaking poetry
with the Feature; I'm proud to be up there, out there. I love the way you
present my poems..did I do those, I ask myself...

I've also re-visited 'Legends', finding lovely prose poems.

Felicity Brookesmith


in praise of your site,

og aksnes

I enjoyed Debi Bender's feature.  Her art work in particular.  dol lives!

Larry Kimmel

Thank you.

Alexis K. Rotella

finally got round to having a good long look at dew-on-line, very
glad to be in such fine company...

Graham Brown


page four




dol 5 looks lovely so far, I'm not surprised to say . . .

Felicity Brookesmith

dew-on-line is very therapeutic. i enjoy reading them
over and over again especially the artwork. they are great!

shirley cahayom


The site is growing fast! Bravo!

Erin Cowgill


I looked in recently on your web site and began catching up
with the changes that are taking place, with dew-on-line and the
anthology series. I especially like the colorful art work in the on-line
pages--with the poetry, against the black backdrop, it's a great mix.

Barry George






i  welcome your comments about dew-on-line

all comments posted will include the writers' names
without which the validity of the opinions and/or comments
expressed is questionable.

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