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arguably the first organic electronic journal
featuring haiku, tanka, short verse and artwork


d  e  w  -  o  n  -  l  i  n  e








now   online

o n    17 - 6 - 02

another edition for the growing season




notes on dew





will, as far as I know, be the first electronic journal to publish submitted poems
and artwork, as and when they have been selected for posting by its editor.

This novel and organic approach to an online journal would enable and allow all  readers to have an intimate and involved relationship with each appearing edition
of dew-on-line. All readers will be able to chart the ongoing growth of
each edition by regular visits to still's website.

I believe that this organic approach  also provides the editor with a healthy challenge when it applies to accepting work that will complement and further enhance the
earlier posted acceptances. This method will inevitably engage the editor's
collating instincts and hone her storytelling skill into continuing
a tale waiting to unfold further.

Additional poems and artwork will be added to this first unique edition of dew-on-line without disturbing the flow of any previous sequence of poems. The final poem for
this first edition of dew-on-line will be posted when its editor believes
the journal to be complete.

I sincerely hope that you will be inspired by the contents of the first online edition
of dew-on-line and by its layout and design, and wish you happy reading for
many visits to come. With each visit, I am convinced that you will gain
new insights into poems you may have overlooked on a previous reading,
and also be able to enjoy your favourites all over again.


 Warmly yours,

a i    l i





dol five 

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