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welcome to the sixth organic edition of dew-on-line 2002 

succumb to a journey of self-exploration & poetic pleasure


 a new update . . . now 42 pages 



words in cyberspace
the colours of your imagination
roaming free


ai li






original artwork copyright  ai  li  2002 


page one  

d  e  w  -  o  n  -  l  i  n  e



page two                                                                                   

created, designed & edited

by  ai  li



page three                                                                                         

for Conroy Maddox




page four                                                                                          










out of still













page five

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002 


page six








                        bench sitting
        wish the sparrow
                                        would join me

Larry Kimmel   @   Colrain, Massachusetts


page seven








                         leaf stain
                         for years
                         you haunted
                         this terrace














ai li  @  belsize park


page eight








                        is not sand but ash
                        the white wide blanket
                        dancing in the wind

Pedro Flecha  @  Miraflores, Peru


page nine

original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002 


page ten








                         i climb the side walk
                         and think
                         of the trees
                         we hide

huri ergenian  @  philadelphia


page eleven








nits she said  scratching her head and laughing


frances angela  @  hornsey


page twelve








                        WHAT RHYMES WITH ABUSE

                        I believe it I don't
                        want to believe it I want to cry
                        you were only beginning
                        your life is smashed
                        this poem I want to write I
                        don't want to write
                        but what your father did
                        in horror's backyard I can't
                        describe this page
                        I want to hold you I don't want
                        to hold you I want to cry










Graham Brown  @  Bermondsey


page thirteen

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002 


page fourteen








                         locked doors
                         between us

frances angela @  hornsey


page fifteen








                        i will leave letters
                        all over your
                        if you let me
                        get my fingers
                        around them.


huri ergenian  @  philadelphia


page sixteen








                        long drive home
                        your arm
                        out the window
                        gilded rows of wheat
                        bending in the sun

Michael Meyerhofer  @  Iowa City, Iowa

page seventeen

original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002 


page eighteen








                         TRYING TO CURE MYSELF, LATE JUNE

                         "Oh fortunate earth, you must find someone
                         to make you bitter music..."

                         I am sick of these
                         quotations of life
                         that call themselves poems, these fragments
                         that want to be whole

                         I am sick
                         of it all & go on
                         living alone

                         Wanting to sit by the Summer grass
                         these mallow flowers

                         Wanting a mother, a lover
                         a friend
                         a soul










Graham Brown  @  Bermondsey


page nineteen








                        lin the depths of winter
                         you come         armed with breath
                         little else      and i give you
                         touch     heat     and
                         stripped moonlight

ai li  @  belsize park


page twenty








                        lA skunk's carcass--
                         the vulture tear bits of fur
                         in the farm road's darkness

Rebecca Lilly  @  Port Republic, Virginia


page twenty one








                        lthey tell us
                         our open hearts
                         will only infect us
                         in the end.

huri ergenian  @  philadelphia


page twenty two

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002


page twenty three








                        lWITH A FRIEND

                         My father cracked up
                         when I was 16

                         At least he didn't beat me
                         like yours did

                         & the monastery's safe
                         it'll hold us

                         It'll contain the opening
                         up into grief











Graham Brown  @  Bermondsey


page twenty four








                        lOn the long arm of
                         concrete,  shadow-veins of spring
                         light and winter trees.

Jonathan Morton  @  Thatcham


page twenty five








                        lsidewalks in Russia
                         women in furs
                         eyeing each other's throats

Erin Cowgill @  Paris


page twenty six

original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002 


page twenty seven








                        l                    EDEN

                      -  If you can't say yes to me, I said, just say no.

                      -  No, she said

Alan Dent  @  Ashton


page twenty seven








                        li wonder
                         about the limits of
                         and space

                         stretch my arms across the

huri ergenian  @  philadelphia


page twenty eight








                        lgod forgot the sun today
                                                 grey day
                         bend in the wind or break

giselle town-clear @  aldershot


page twenty nine








yellow leaves us alone

Jean Michel Guillaumond  @  Sèvres


page thirty

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002 


page thirty one








                        lin a stir
                         of leaf shadow

                         her barefeet

                         losing the sense
                         of her words



Larry Kimmel  @  Colrain, Massachusetts


page thirty two








                        l Photography

                          his loneliness,  in
                          the kitchen

                          the window,
                          a vase
                          of tulips.











VirnaTeixeira  @  Edinburgh


page thirty three








                         (after Charles Simic)

                         Instead of Autumn
                         read purple, instead
                         of I don't know why
                         the world keeps turning
                         read flowers & poo
                         where it says 3 kittens
                         learning how to waddle
                         round the floor of the yurt
                         read fear, where it says
                         fear read life, instead
                         of life read joy, where
                         it says 2 beer bottles
                         plane tickets stinky
                         condoms brand new
                         sandals poetry books
                         farting in bed Kwanyin
                         read Julie read Julie
                         grass shall continue
                         being green, instead
                         of when will I ever
                         ever write like Basho
                         say Stio













Graham Brown  @  Bermondsey


page thirty four

original artwork copyright  Larry Kimmel  2002 


page thirty five








                        lshe looks at me
                         lotus leaves
                         floating further

















Michael Meyerhofer  @  Iowa City, Iowa


page thirty six








                        lwithin wet

















bruce roxburgh  @  tea gardens, australia


page thirty seven








                         father throws the fly
                         over sleeping fish

















Meryl Duprey 


page thirty eight

original artwork copyright  ai li  2002 


page thirty nine








                        lanother year
                         the empty garden
                         i look for
                         your shadow
                         to support mine

















ai li  @  belsize park


page forty









                         With weathered
                         I occasionally find a

















Jim Burns  @  Phoenix, Arizona


page forty one








                        lwalking in the park
                         I stop before one tree
                         blossomed recently;
                         the leaves are
                         luminous with candles

















Jack Galmitz  @  Elmhurst, New York


page forty two









for   now              a   second pause



are invited
to submit your
poems and artwork for
this ongoing edition of the organic
off-shoot of still











copyright  ai  li  2002     all rights reserved

no poems or artwork can be reproduced without the prior permission
of the editor of dew-on-line and its contributors.

the editor of dew-on-line does not accept any responsibility for copyright infringements, failure to post proper acknowledgments, materials lost in the post, the views of contributors or research errors.

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