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Excellent journal.    Gorgeous.

Thomas Fortenberry

 I've been reading & rereading "dew-on-line" with much interest.
Beautiful artwork, neat design, great poetry...I say: "Encore  !"
My favourite poems in dol 5 are "crowded train" (P. Williams),
"tossing the ball" (K. Ramesh), "almost up to the sill today"
(P. Macrow) & "broken dryer" (C. Colon).

Oliver Schopfer

It's a bit like waking into summer having slept through spring.
For one reason & another & another &, I haven't looked at the website
for a long time, & where last there was a small shoot, there's
a plant in bloom!

Ox Hardwick

Thank you for your wonderful site.

The Reverend Dr. Sidney D. Fowler


page two




Congratulations on the continuing success of dew-on-line!

Michael Meyerhofer

I looked in recently on your web site and began catching up
with the changes that are taking place, with dew-on-line and
the anthology series. I especially like the colorful art work in
the on-line pages--with the poetry, against the black backdrop,
it's a great mix.

Best wishes for success with your new publications. I think
you have a creative approach to haiku and short poetry that is
an important variation on the more orthodox journals.

Barry George


ps...I love your color palette of light greens, blues, oranges
and reminds me of something...I can't quite name it.

erin cowgill




page three




Keep up the good work!

Peter Williams

 ?I have been following dol 5 to its completion. What an achievement
for you as Editor: you must be proud to have created another
distinctive, beautiful poetry book, mutually enhanced by the
unusual artwork. I am proud to be part of this edition, as I am of
all the others where my poems are to be found in glittering company.

I have been taking time to explore the 'still' website again, and I 
particularly enjoy all the pages of 'Comments' reminding myself of
your encouraging editorship. Thank you.

Felciity Brookesmith


I love your publication.

Reid Baer



page four





still believing in still
& its electric evolution

Larry Kimmel



i  welcome your comments about dew-on-line

all comments posted will include the writers' names
without which the validity of the opinions and/or comments
expressed is questionable.

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