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A Babanga is a nine-link poem about grandmothers or crone figures. The form is 3-3-3, 1-1-1, 3-3-3. There is a break between each sequence. The first sequence is done by the first partner, the second sequence is shared, and the last sequence is done by the second partner. The Babanga was created by Alexis K. Rotella in honor of her maternal grandmother, Irene Semenik, on the 20 March 1997.


Copyright Alexis K. Rotella 1997




PLAYSUIT with Alexis K. Rotella and ai li




A Babanga between Alexis K. Rotella and ai li
Los Gatos, California and London
20 - 21 March 1997


She makes one
for my doll too -
red corduroy playsuit.

Nine apple pies
cool in the cellar -
just a touch of cinnamon.

Nestled in
Grandma's hands
baby birds.



"God I believe in," she says, "but not priests"

nodding off to rap           old west indian woman

she pulls up a carrot the shape of a man



a granny toils
while her son rests in shade
with his banjo


in her sunday best
armed with bible
she limps to church


the note
in the collection box
asking for a 'release'





Copyright Alexis K. Rotella and ai li 1997


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