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A Crimenga is a linked poem of 3 stanzas. The first and second stanzas have 6 one-liners. At least two links have to include the theme of crime/suspense/mystery/espionage [not necessarily dark, serious ones]. A Crimenga can either be written solo or with up to two partners. The Crimenga was created by Fay Aoyagi on the 29 May 1997.


Copyright Fay Aoyagi 1997



WRITER'S BLOCK by Fay Aoyagi
BARRISTER'S WIG with Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict
SMOKING GUN with Fay Aoyagi and ai li




A solo Crimenga by Fay Aoyagi
29 May 1997




collapse of USSR           writer's block

from happy hour to happy hour           double agent

motion detector caught           a cat

in her purse           unclaimed parking ticket

ransom note delivered to a wrong address

court interpreter doesn't speak his dialect


judge plays golf only at his club

rising star              mixed race

million-dollar           exclusive tabloid story

president        no exception        sexual harassment

revolution without blood           his best scenario

two nations with an artificial border


sound of midnight           chipping the wall

she beeps her son           curfew broken again






Copyright Fay Aoyagi 1997






A Crimenga between Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict
San Francisco
30 May - 6 June 1997




barrister's wig stolen from his chamber

piercing the darkness           a cat watches the electric torch

whisper in the back seat              communists

first sign of a storm           Bertie makes his own decision

a magnifying glass on his night table

slowly           bubbles in the aquarium rise


sworn statement           he touched nothing but strawberries

carved on a post           the monkey's head

her precious              sold to a circus

with a hissss           the tire deflated

angel or devil?           footsteps approaching

a file in the birthday cake


butler at your service           silver spoon smuggling

beside the fence           roses blossom






Copyright Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict 1997





A Crimenga between Fay Aoyagi and ai li
San Francisco and London
31 May - 7 June 1997




smoking gun in the box seat           madame butterfly

stage door johnny           wreath in hand

coroner swallows pills           manic depression

mortuary attendant listening to 'The Grateful Dead'

another tragedy           X family

the spent box of matches at confession


bits and pieces              letter bomb

a household divided           missing tiara

old tycoon's youngest        in love        with an artist

trapeze act           someone removes the safety net

moonless night           howl of a lioness

fat lady drinking poison


rigid in the king-sized bed              motel room No.7

a whiff of Joy by Patou on the policewoman





Copyright Fay Aoyagi and ai li 1997


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