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A Garenga is a 18 links poem of one liners. One link has to include the name of a rail station. It can either be written solo or with up to six partners. The Garenga was created by ai li on the 30 July 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997




GARE DU NORD by ai li
MOSCOW UNDERGROUND with Fay Aoyagi and ai li





A solo Garenga by ai li
30 July 1997



we plan to meet at Gare Du Nord

purple flower in her hair

the Louis Vuitton bag has no change

porter with blue eyes in her compartment

stocking ladder           a tongue mending it

overnight stop           silk rips

rain              the cows at every window

ticket collector           he shows his tattoo

buffet car           eggs           sunny side up

abstaining           maple syrup in mid-air

more toast           the chef makes melba

travelling companion           pince-nez in his manicured hand

whiff of the Orient           spiced tea

approaching tunnel           a bulb flickers

they sit side by side           maiden aunts

last wave           empty platform

writing a note           ink spills

viaduct ahead under a rainbow





Copyright ai li 1997






A Garenga by Fay Aoyagi and ai li
San Francisco and London
8 August - 8 September 1997




a man with many names at Moscow underground

selling ermine           the pale aristocrat

the black diva capured his heart

he dreams of strings

after-hours club           a marionette gets tipsy

in the dark           secateurs

overgrown bonsai in the bedroom corner

a cat with cabin fever

mystery train has a mechanical problem

the greyness of an auschwitz sky

traitor's tear           half-century late

hidden in a cuckoo clock           more lies

babysitter with fake eyelashes

a judge in the red light district

Amsterdam house boat           a corpse

paedophile on the run

royal train carrying mother-less princes

on an island           the final farewell





Copyright Fay Aoyagi and ai li 1997


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