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A Lorenga is a linked poem of 11 one-liners. The last link has to include the theme of Loss [e.g. a farewell, death, separation, divorce etc.]. It can either
be written solo or with one partner. The Lorenga was created by ai li on the
20 February 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997



GOING OUT by ai li
IN THE RAIN with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
AWAKING with Andrew Machon and ai li
ROADSIDE SHRINE with ai li and Fay Aoyagi




A solo Lorenga by ai li
20 February 1997


he says he's going out with the boys

a wormless apple in the packed lunch

chevy pick-up under red neon

recognising his breathing              anonymous call

working late              the take-away for one

same routine              cat and i waiting

heavy night rain, even the covered porch is wet

door knock        stone        in wind

the return ticket bloodstained

signing papers with his pen

no one to give away the girl in white



[Published Raw NerVz, Canada 1997]

Copyright ai li 1997




A Lorenga between ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
London and Los Gatos, California
20 - 27 February 1997


waiting in the rain for him to show up

crawling to my front door           drunk

a stray cat with questions

his love that never took the form of words

impotent with me

to be seen on the arm of the famous conductor

from his garlic breath              aria

pretending I didn't catch him in a white lie

a lifestyle worth protecting           uncomplaining wife

another hit below the belt           sharpening knives

a goodbye said with flowers the colour of blood




Copyright ai li and Alexis K. Rotella 1997




A solo Lorenga by ai li
9 March 1997



rain forest virgin           her black hair

into a clear pool        hibiscus

bird-of-paradise through mist

mud dries into footprints

the net of gossamer           dream

slow swirl of mosquito coil...

open window           sounds of night

cicada breaking silence

breeze and a stranger              haunted room

spanish moss disturbed

the breaking of comb and mirror in a pine box





Copyright ai li 1997




A Lorenga between Andrew Machon and ai li
2 - 17 April 1997


Awaking              to find the sun had risen

the virgin in kid gloves

Lingering              melting snow

she wears red to confession

Once he touched me, she echoes              only once

in his jockstrap, swearing fidelity

Screwed up              yesterdays news

a fire lit              embracing pain

Reliving the passion of an old flame

his last letter in deep shadow

Her silhouette              orphaned love




Copyright Andrew Machon and ai li 1997




A Lorenga between ai li and Fay Aoyagi
London and San Francisco
10 - 18 May 1997


no one here              roadside shrine

on the stone monument              haiku

hearing a banana leaf              rain

got lost in the city           where           I was born

ghosts by paper lanterns

fireflies           the river wind

a hawker selling ramen by moonlight

last carnation in a bin              Mother's Day

the face at a window              still waiting

strawberry shortcake              unwrapped

cobweb around the doorbell




Copyright ai li 1997


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