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A Losenga is a linked poem of 14 one-links, written as pairs in 7 stanzas with paragraph breaks. One link has to include the theme of Love and another link the theme of Sex.  It can either be written solo or with one partner. The Losenga was created by ai li on the 23 February 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997



THE EYE by ai li
A PROMISE OF STARS with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
WATER BED with ai li and Fay Aoyagi




A solo Losenga by ai li

23 February 1997



he gives her the eye
her reflection sips ice tea


first date              he forgets the condom
the hairspray that didn't work


seamed stockings        crooked line up one leg
the tightness in his smile


leaving pizza              gone cold
doorstep kiss           deep


stars in her contacts
counting sheep in pairs


he brings beer              cheap motel
neon finds a bed


skin so dark it glistens
midnight rodeo           behind closed doors





Copyright ai li 1997





A Losenga between ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
London and Los Gatos, California
18 March - 25 April 1997



a promise of stars              first date
he shows off the scratches on his arm


binoculars for the exotic redhead
she gasps when his penis inflates


his large feet barefoot in her boudoir
"bubbling spring"        she kisses his soles


a pout reserved for the UPS man
brown bermudas        the smell of spring earth


the 6 year old receives an anonymous call
"hello," he says, "are you my real father?"


the glint of wedding bands           topless bar
the women wearing merkins


an apartment with dying flowers
divorce papers on the coffee table unsigned





Copyright ai li and Alexis K. Rotella 1997




A Losenga between ai li and Fay Aoyagi
London and San Francisco
19 - 27 May 1997



the sailor on a water bed
garlic              breath


giving asparagus tips              french
sweat              at a creole restaurant


in the waiter's only eye           lust
thin              motel wall


chambermaid curving into her uniform
brown baby banana


sex after tiffin           plantation rain
a parrot repeats the governess's name


white linen strewn across the master's bedroom
dog sent to discipline class


rusty whistle in tall grass
graffiti artist              overdosed






Copyright ai li and Fay Aoyagi 1997


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