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A Namenga is a linked poem of 10 one-liners. One of the links has to include either a number or numbers. It can either be written solo or with up to five partners. The Numenga was created by ai li on the 22 February 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997



13 TO DINNER by ai li
DEPORTATION with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
BALD EAGLE with Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict




A solo Numenga by ai li
22 February 1997



13 to dinner              the cook leaves

a diet of creme brulee

gym class           not setting the alarm

voices asking for money           india

we share a blanket flying home

landlord offering to reduce the rent           young widow

peeping tom           he drops his binoculars receipt

the drought in sprinkler

fountainhead venus

mandarin ducks           counting two





Copyright ai li 1997




A Numenga between ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
London and Los Gatos, California
28 April - 1 May 1997



deportation news        i offer        crocodile tears

four cormorants in a tree        all looking up

airboat passenger acquiring a tan

a turtle comes in its own cooking pot

chef Pudhomme working on a new recipe

the pedophiliac        his hands in hamburger

seamen in the red light zone

in her parlor gladiolas in a pickle jar

condoms by lingerie

she buys the ones that glow in the dark





Copyright ai li and Alexis K. Rotella 1997




A Numenga between Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict
San Francisco
4 - 17 May 1997



Bird Week           blessings on a baby bald eagle

17 salmon washed up along the gravel bar

his monthly visit to a Swiss bank

the sow shakes he head           lies down

in parched land           lavish memorial service

caught on a cholla           tumbleweed

a computer tycoon on the move           mission critical

spinning out of control I settle in the dust

fifty years since their sandbox fight

a scrap of paper           an old lottery ticket





Copyright Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict 1997


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