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An Omenenga is a sequence of 13 links of one-liners. This can be either
written solo or with one partner. One of the links has to include an element
of superstition. The Omenenga was created by ai li on the 18 February 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997




AFTERNOON by ai li
BLACK CAT with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
CROSSES with ai li and Fay Aoyagi
NEW YORK, NEW YORK by Fay Aoyagi
BROKEN MIRROR with Alex Benedict and Fay Aoyagi
A WIDOW by ai li
DEMOLISHING MAN with Alex Benedict and Fay Aoyagi
CAMELIA OIL with Alex Benedict and Fay Aoyagi




A solo Omenenga by ai li

18 February 1997



a river with no name

the gardener's t-shirt admitting breeze

bee drone              the tinkle of ice cubes

on faded wicker a drop of rain

a child's tricycle sticky with chocolate

heart carved        hugging the oak tree

in the middle of the afternoon              a crow

empty tea cups        distant thunder

lilies dispensing scent to no one

a cracked pane in the french doors

confiscated catapult on the bonfire

maiden aunt laying out old lace

yellowing photographs of tall sunflowers




Copyright ai li 1997




An Omenenga with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
London and Los Gatos, California

18 February - 15 March 1997



the hearse stopping for a black cat

hail              the gang's not here

drawn curtains        another dawn

teenager in rapper's garb        his shadow enormous

night music from a damp basement

configurations of Orion           bullet holes in the car door

moll in red satin, feather boa to match

the boy from Hoboken slugs another photographer

he tells his ma he did it his way

Sammy dies        sleet tapping every window

a veiled blonde hanging up her dancing shoes

alone        she rides the swan boat

the song for one        she hears it






Copyright ai li and Alexis K. Rotella 1997




An Omenenga with ai li and Fay Aoyagi
London and San Francisco

18 - 24 February 1997



she crosses herself at the front door

head to the south           toes to the north

the jade placed in grandmother's mouth           night

dark outhouse           she decides to take a spank in the morning

no escape behind curtains           bars

sharing hershey's kiss           siberian railroad

at the whore house           trading in sable

trapped by nike           inner city kids

fado music in the ghetto

tapas restaurant           no strangers

narrow alley           the smell of fish

planning a coup           hazy moon

senorita baring her assets





Copyright ai li and Fay Aoyagi 1997




A solo Omenenga by Fay Aoyagi
20 -21 February 1997



born in the year of the horse           a divorcee

tri-lingual narcotic officer           her son's role model

new faces at the housing project           fish oil scent

waving a plum bough           dragon dance

panda-brand cigarette           Deng Xiaoping's pride

female power           pig-tailed gymnast and broad-shouldered swimmer

come-back Tanya will skate at a hockey intermission

hired gun           major league slugger in Tokyo

nine to five at a pachinko parlor

red highlight in her hair           not ready to settle

ski trip during new year holidays           adulterer

long detour                 foghorn

army of black ants           cherry petals falling





[Published in Raw NerVZ, Volume IV : 2, Summer 1997]

Copyright Fay Aoyagi 1997




A solo Omenenga by Fay Aoyagi
San Francisco

22 February - 4 March 1997



shooting star              death

brown bag for malt beer           summer heat

hesitant knock by a roommate

cigarette butt floats in a toilet bowl

buckwheat noodle cures a hangover

South Hampton landscape           faces

dog hair in his porsche

awakened by fireworks           opera in the park

synthetic           roller blader's thighs

around the world in two hours           museum tour

my heels echo against the marble floor

short fame           a graffiti artist

last quarter goes to a jukebox           new york, new york





Copyright Fay Aoyagi 1997




An Omenenga between Alex Benedict and Fay Aoyagi
San Francisco

5 - 10 March 1997



broken mirror              a black cat at my door

transferring to Howard           lone Boston snow

a stern reminder to not look back

red rose on her wide-brimmed hat

mascara running           he is late

33rd birthday        she receives shinto blessing

on pale green walls              Desiderata

Mother Superior's memoir           her Las Vegas days

sidewinder           slips down the dune face

at the end of silk road           ethnic rebels silenced

wrapped tight holding his hair        bandana

beef to Japan           sour plum candies in cowboy's pocket

piece of eight           buried treasure





Copyright Alex Benedict and Fay Aoyagi 1997




A solo Omenenga by ai li

8 March 1997



storm shutters           the lizard that couldn't get in

white garden furniture, mildew discolouring

the one in bedroom slippers hears the wind

candlesmoke in a private shrine

night lamp throwing shadows

brushing hair to a nameless tune

invisible 7 year old breaking an old mirror

thunder in darkness

the echo of prayers in latin

familiar hiss              serpent

a body anointed              rain

frogs by the old pond

messenger in a wet shroud





Copyright ai li 1997





A solo Omenenga by ai li

14 March 1997



a widow tripping over the bridal train

throwing salt over her shoulder

the red stain           not blood

fresh garland found in tall grass

gate to nowhere

larksong           crackling on tape

quiet in the dark           breath

wedding album        cut by scissors

a face gaunt in betrayal

returning gifts with cobwebs

claoked messenger in dark shadow

a room returning to cold





Copyright ai li 1997




A n Omenenga between Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict
San Francisco

10 - 18 March 1997



death of the demolishing man                 Tiananmen Square

a fallen leaf floats in the fountain

see no devil              a fund raiser

telephone rings                 unanswered

endangered shark              cut off fins

a penny spins to a stop              heads

at an Indian reservation              the state of art casino

waiting in line              for the waiting list

city hall marriage for convenience

paper camera              postcard visit

sneezing three times              he doubts his perfect alibi

glass ball              made in space

in next life              a butterfly or a weeping willow?





Copyright Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict 1997





An Omenenga with Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict
San Francisco

10 - 20 March 1997



the scent of camelia oil        mother preparing        for him

blackened hands           wrought iron fence

Rolls Royce's headlights           coyote

reflection in pool        ripples from a stone

sculpture by Noguchi        his        my        identities

Rubic's cube        a comet enters the solar system

x squared=y        a baby shower

infinite crystals        the future returns

error on mission        stained proposal

window washer on the thirteenth floor

Friday        satin shirt        out of closet

his tie tack        an emerald gecko

at a thrift shop        she tries a wig




Copyright Fay Aoyagi and Alex Benedict 1997


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