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SPRENGA [6--6--6]

A Sprenga has three stanzas of 6 one-line links totalling 18 links with a paragraph break between each stanza. This can either be written solo or
with up to two people. It must have a supernatural theme running through.

The Sprenga was created by ai li on the 19 February 1997.


Copyright ai li 1997




DWARF by ai li
HORNS with ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
RUBY RING with Fay Aoyagi and ai li



A solo Sprenga by ai li

22 February 1997


dwarf stealing quince

fog thickens, pea soup for starters

the car that doesn't start              dark lane

in a long cape              hitchhiker

twins              they smile with sharp teeth

punch the colour of blood



the undertaker calls on an empty house

lights in the graveyard             exhumation

staying away              full moon

the man with a cleaver has amnesia

diary entry              blank

bedtime story              banshee



a nanny lighting candles in the attic

goblins on the nursery wallpaper

the silent scream in a nightmare

bats returning favours

open window              october shadows

power cut              a cold hand



Copyright ai li 1997




A Sprenga between ai li and Alexis K. Rotella
London and Los Gatos, California

19 February - 2 March 1997



horns in a young girl's room

midnight        the man comes in to nibble her toes

the garlic by the curtains                 freeze-dried

found in his car "follow-me-boy" scented oil

a lamp in the graveyard              owl

photographing tombstones           my left shoulder touched



only wind mama said           her face in deep shadow

the evil goes in through the back of the neck

two small punctures on skin              bruising

he steals her cells for cloning

my dead ringer has no reflection

his surrogate mother           her shape like the moon##



wolf           the kitchen maid in silhouette

for lunch she prepares his jugular vein

the child with sharp incisors likes blood pudding

Christmas truffles laced with hellebore

thorns for a party hat

The Last Supper              painted by numbers




Copyright ai li and Akexis K. Rotella 1997




A solo Sprenga by ai li

15 March 1997



a light in the derelict conservatory

footsteps that belong to no one

wind whispering revenge

2 old sisters now one

solitaire in the dark

the winner lies in a graveyard



stone mason measuring a plot in mist

a name called through bare trees

night robe muffling scream

garden torch by an empty bench

eyes that see without the moon

pale face by withered stone



werewolf              the nursery tale

night light flickering

the hand on a doorknob           old

wings in cold chimneys

black cat finding blood

remnants of shroud on the unused path




Copyright ai li 1997




A Sprenga between Fay Aoyagi and ai li
San Francisco and London


18 March - 3 May 1997



Ruby ring shines on her 6th finger

a child feeling the cleaver blade

glass-eyed butler           no reflection in the mirror

footsteps in an empty house

lily, daisy, rose...           their decaying beauty

frost comes early to a new tombstone



to the master              a mechanical doll brings poison

the face in shadow calling to the moon

written in blood              her vow

on silken web           breath of one unseen

virtual baby sitter           burnt flesh

scent of jasmine from the shutttered room



above 13th chimney in town              crows' banquet

carrion at a fashionable restaurant

she designs a dress           for customers with tails

the colour of beating wings           black

flower petals swirling           the river of double suicide

shroud           one size fits all




Copyright Fay Aoyagi and ai li 1997


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