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             moving into breath


I’m grateful for your patience and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for waiting.

My initial plan was to publish four anthologies of healing to replace still in 2002, and this was to have been an ongoing venture. However, after a long and protracted divorce [one and a half years of proceedings] and two long years of extensive building works to my house, the stress and trauma have taken its toll on me and I have decided to take time off to review my life, slow the pace down and to concentrate on my art and writing.

The belated moving into breath, anthology of healing will therefore be the first and last anthology of healing and the bookclub will then cease to be. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and collating your poems for this anthology and sincerely hope that my selection and the anthology live up to your expectations.

I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me for what may appear to be a sudden decision on my part. This difficult decision has been reached after many long days and nights of soul searching and self-debate, and I sincerely believe the decision to be the right one for me for the time being.

  All members of the still bookclub will be receiving refunds for any outstanding books owed as well as anyone who placed single orders for Books Two, Three and Four of the bookclub.

With regard to selected work for Books Two, Three and Four of the bookclub, I will be happy to post all of these on dew-on-line, our online journal [six editions online and growing] which will be ongoing, albeit at a more leisurely pace. If you have had work selected for Books Two, Three and Four of the bookclub and are happy for me to post these poems on dew-on-line, please write to me as soon as you are able to and a dew-on-line acceptance letter/e-mail will be sent on to you shortly after that.

I can only apologise profusely for my decision to stop producing the rest of the new anthologies. It has not been an easy decision to arrive at.

I look forward to hearing from you soon about your accepted poems and thank you again for all your kind and unstinting support for still and moving into breath.

dew-on-line will continue the good work of still and moving into breath and with your help once more, poetry can be shared with and enjoyed by an even larger audience of kindred spirits out there in the universe.


ai li




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