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still and moving into breath

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still one to four

Still One Front Cover Still Two Front Cover Still Three Front Cover Still Four Front Cover

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still 3 one to four

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still 4 one to four

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still 5 one to four

Still 5 One Front Cover Still 5 Two Front Cover Still 5 Three Front Cover  

Still 5 Four Front Cover


moving into breath

Still 5 Two Front Cover




still and moving into breath are timeless anthologies with a zen approach to haiku, tanka and short verse. They are also storybooks of healing.

Each anthology has one poem to a page for maximum stillness, 96 pages of printed text on 100 gsm paper, is A5 in size, thread sewn, andd perfect bound with a full colour cover photograph by its Editor ai li, Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, on 275 gsm art board.


Come inside the quiet . . .


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